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We have years of experience so that the quality of the products we provide is guaranteed. Having a research and development team in Germany makes our products have the best quality in its class.

Our Vision

Renewable and climate-friendly electrical energy everywhere for everyone

Our Mission

To make a better world for our children

Our Story

In terms of population, Indonesia is the 4th biggest country in the world. From the more than 270M people around 50M people don’t have access to electrical energy. But to develop a country or an area you need education, and education needs the possibility to read, and this means you need electricity for light in the evening for reading. 

Due to the fact that Indonesia lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire it happens quite frequently that there is a natural earthquake disaster. Also, flooding is quite common. As a result, some areas are no longer reachable by cars, and even if there was an electrical power supply it might be broken. Therefore one needs a solution for carrying electrical power into such areas to help the injured and suffering people.

As a third issue, the electrical power supply is quite unstable. It happens quite frequently that there is a power outage. Especially in critical areas like hospitals etc., one needs a power backup, which is mostly done by huge diesel generators. Besides the fact, that these backups are quite expensive in buying as well as in producing electrical energy, they are also harmful to our environment.

PT Surya Sarana Teknologi wants to solve these problems.

Indonesia lies north and south of the equator. That means, the sun rays hit the earth’s surface optimal (vertical) for solar panels to produce electrical power through photovoltaic (PV). With PV panels one can produce electricity and store it in batteries, from where it can be used during the night. During the day electrical energy-consuming devices can get the power directly from the solar panel. There are power outlets available for 230 V AC as well as 5 V and 12 V DC. No need for power cables over land, energy is just produced and consumed locally. No environmental pollution and no harm to the climate.

These batteries can also be carried on a backpack and can be transported into disaster areas on foot. Once arrived they are immediately ready to be used. And they can be recharged after usage by flexible (rollable) photovoltaic panels.

And last the diesel generators can be substituted by batteries. They can stand by and automatically take over the power supply in case of an outage. And they can be recharged either by the electrical grid or by solar power.

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