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Emergency Equipment Solutions when natural disasters occur are now enough to be carried by humans. Natural disasters often occur in Indonesia. The condition of Indonesia, which is located between the Eurasian plate and surrounded by volcanoes, causes natural disasters to sometimes occur in Indonesia. Did you know that when a disaster occurs, many fatalities occur due to the lack of emergency equipment during first aid? The difficulty of electricity to be a source of power sometimes dies due to natural disasters. Emergency electrical installations also take a long time. Is there a solution for that? Yes! Introducing the Power Sarana 1000 Watt. With a power of 1000 Watts that can be charged using electricity or sunlight (solar panels) This tool only weighs 16 Kg and can be carried easily. Now you don’t have to worry anymore when you need electricity during an emergency

Power Sarana 1000 Watts Can be charged using electricity or solar (sunlight) Can be used for Charge HP (USB slot available) Car battery jumpers Medical equipment Household Electric Iron Welding Grinding Machine 1 Year Guarantee!

Power Sarana 1000 Watt Lithium-based generator that can be charged using electricity or solar panels, aka only sunlight! Antinoise and instantly on! Can be used for household electricity as well as a substitute for generators.

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